Voluntary Patient Liaisons

Randall (Randy) McCormick

My Name is Randall (Randy) McCormick, I am currently 53. I was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA. I was raised in a middle-class home. My father and mother started an electrical contracting business in which I grew up in. I then had the opportunity to enter the telecommunications industry, at the present I am in. My wife is Tammy Schock, and between us she has a daughter, two sons, and a granddaughter. I have two sons, and two grandsons. Plus, a godson that is like our own. I was in the ministry for nearly 17 years, and a pastor of a church for nearly 7 years. Involved in Youth Ministries, went on two Mexico missionary trips, did prison ministries for about 5 years. I have been a Freemason for six years, volunteering in the community for Toys For Tots, VillageFest C.A.R.E., Downed Officers Foundation, Scottish Games, and Society for Disabled Children. I currently am the Secretary of the Green Dragon Masonic Fellowship, and a Steering Committee member of VillageFest. I have played bass guitar since I was 14 years old. Been in a band for several years, currently have put that on hold. I also love hunting, fishing, scuba diving, and paintball. My wife Tammy is a patient of Dr. Mortazavi. She had a Schwannoma tumor removed, and Trigeminal Neuralgia corrected. She also had a back surgery by Dr. Mortazavi. I have passion for health care and helping other people that's why I volunteered to be NSBC's patient liaison.

Theresa Kirk

Theresa Kirk is an ordained minister, teacher, published author of four books, motivational speaker, mentor, and life coach. She is a gifted speaker, utilizing wisdom, knowledge, coupled with humor that captivates her listeners. Theresa made a lifestyle change to live a healthier lifestyle and thereby inspires and assist many others in changing their life with what she coins as "Healthy Habits." Because of her expertise, countless people are experiencing healthy transformations. Theresa became acquainted with Dr. Mortazavi in 2014 when her son Jaylon who was 19 and diagnosed with Cavernous Malformation. (http://www.cavernousmalformation Dr. Mortazavi's excellent bedside manner, professionalism and complete confidence in the outcome of the surgery assured their family that Dr. Mortazavi would be the doctor they would choose to perform Jaylon's brain surgery. Besides, his knowledge was unparallel to other physicians in his field. Due to her conviction of helping others and knowledge of the condition she was asked to become a patient liaison, to support other families that may have questions or concerns just as they had at the beginning of their journey with Neuro medicine. Theresa's compassion in helping others coupled with her expertise in dealing with difficult circumstances makes her a prime liaison for families in need of support and assurance.